Tara Road

TRHOA Committees

Homeowners Association

The following HOA Committees are needed to help us maintain a beautiful, exciting and safe community

that works together and respects the rights of all its residents. Sign up today using the form below.

Assistant Treasurer - Assist Treasurer as needed

Assistant Secretary  - Assist in maintaining homeowner list
Take minutes/prepare REPORT
Reserve space and schedule meetings with
Police Headquarters and/or library.
Assist in researching and meeting contractors               
Code Enforcement Committee  - Handle Code Enforcement violations–
respond to  Sentry Management and homeowners violation reporting. 

Work with County Code Enforcement.

Architectural Committee – Review Architectural Requests
Beautification & Maintenance Committee -  Oversee landscaping contractor
and repairs.  Oversee “Yard of the Month” initiative
Community Events Committee – Coordinate events including Back to School Jamboree

Community Yard Sale, Spring Clean Up Day, Fish Fry, Fall Festival.

Recruit and work with volunteers.  
Welcome Committee – Obtain names of new homeowners and renters 

determine what gifts to be given, prepare budget and deliver gifts.

Mailing Committee – Organize and send out community notices as needed.

Website Committee – Assist with information for website.