Tara Road

Homeowners Association

Architectural Requests

The architectural change request process applies to any changes to the exterior of the home, including color, fencing, decks, etc. All architectural change requests must be submitted using the standard application form, located on this page or by submitting request through hoabutler.com. Requests are not considered approved until the form is submitted, reviewed and "Approved" in writing by the board. This prevents any misunderstanding that may occur with verbal communications. It protects the Association and the homeowner owner. The homeowner must allow adequate time for review and respond to the request, and MUST NOT begin any alterations until such approval is secured in writing.


Pavilion Requests

Tara Road HOA Community Pavilion is available to rent to residents that are in good standing with their assessments(HOA Fees). There is a $75 refundable security deposit required. Click link below to view and print the Pavilion Rental Agreement to send to Sentry Management (formerly Grace Management).